• edu

    Education Reform

    Tag chairs the SubCommittee on Education Reform and has championed a multitude of bills that shift the Commonwealth’s focus of standardized testing from rote memorization to critical thinking and problem solving. In 2014, Tag’s legislation, HB930, was signed into law, thus reducing the overall number of SOL’s for kids in grades three through eight by 23%. Tag also understands that our children must be prepared to compete in today’s workforce. That is why he has worked hard to ensure that Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are aligned with the national requirements for certification, allowing students to move directly from graduation into the workforce. Of all his legislative accomplishments related to education, Tag is most proud of being able to provide teachers with a pay raises totaling 3.5% over the last three years.

  • Springfield


    As Northern Virginia continues to grow, so does our need for a superior infrastructure. While we need to continue to expand our roads and ease congestion here in Loudoun, Tag understands that we need to find long-term, regional solutions to make our economy work. That is why he supported sweeping legislation to improve transportation for the entirety of Northern Virginia.  Tag is the only Northern Virginia member of the General Assembly to serve as a conferee on the budget.

  • Saving Income tax Money

    Government Spending

    Tag has fought to keep taxes low, while cutting nearly $7 billion in wasteful spending. As the only Northern Virginia Delegate to serve as a conferee on the budget, Tag has worked to ensure the General Assembly’s budget is balanced and that Virginia’s taxes are among the lowest in the nation. Because of his work, the Commonwealth was able to end the fiscal year with a $553 Million budget surplus and dedicate these additional dollars to the Commonwealth’s rainy day fund and pending transportation projects.

  • economic

    The Economy

    Tag has a proven record of supporting legislation that makes it easier for Virginia businesses to operate and thrive. He stands behind policies that help create jobs for the Commonwealth by cutting back on government red tape that gets in the way of running a business.

  • womens

    Working for the community

    In addition to balancing the budget and reforming our education system, Tag has spent his time in the legislature helping bring awareness and assistance to those in need. He has sponsored legislation that has brought together much needed resources for Lyme disease research and treatment initiatives. He led the effort to create a license plate designed to help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. And Tag has been a tireless advocate for the Autism community by extending insurance coverage to children with Autism.